Celluloid Angels | La 1ère plateforme collaborative pour la restauration des films

Here and now

Choose a project and join the adventure right now.

By helping to restore films that you love, you will be playing your part in ensuring the survival of these chefs-d'œuvres. In return, get private access behind the scenes at our restoration lab and enjoy exclusive perks.

Each week, new campaigns will be launched!

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Make your voice heard on which films Celluloid Angels need to restore.

Vote for your favourite films and let others know why. Gather as many votes as possible and increase your chances of seeing your films restored.

Launch your own campaign for films you want to save!

The great causes

Contribute to the rebirth of the exceptional treasure trove of our contemporary past.

Films are not always in Cinemas!

Millions of hours of filmstrips are also threatened, meaning whole swathes of our culture. Documents, animation, special reports, TV series, adverts, science films, are just as precious to preserve (or to rewatch!). Passing on this heritage to future generations is our duty too.

View our projects and come help us take on this challenge!

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