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CELLULOID ANGELS is the first crowdfunding platform dedicated to the restoration of our highly treasured cinematographic and audiovisual heritage.

Far more than just a simple crowdfunding platform, it is a genuine community of interest reunited around a great cause: To preserve our priceless collection of filmstrips in order to safeguard an entire slice of our culture.

Why crowdfunding for the restoration?

The films or projects that we are putting forward are in need of supplementary funding in order to launch our restoration work. By coming in to “seal the budget” through your financial contributions, you are actively joining a great adventure of rescuing the cinematographic heritage of our human journey.

By buying or gifting a pack, you are integrating the laudable circle of “restorers”.


For our part, we will grant you a memorable immersive experience whereby you will be able to follow each stage of the digital rebirth of your chosen film, whilst sharing in the life of the platform, discussing and exchanging with others on the project page.

Depending on the pack or packs you choose, you will be rewarded with a Blu-ray or DVD of the remastered film and attend some special events, during the restoration work at the lab, for example, or preview screenings or other gatherings organised by Celluloid Angels.

What is the legal framework of our crowdfunding platform?

CELLULOID ANGELS is registered at ORIAS under N° 16002028 as an approved crowdfunding intermediary, collecting donations via the payment solution offered by MANGOPAY, an e-money issuer under licence from the CSSF.

What films do we mean?

Films under the category of Cinema that were shot on filmstrips and now part of a restoration project officially backed and partially funded by the CNC. Other films independent of the CNC, but for which part of the restoration budget has already been collected.

Obtaining the supplementary funding via Celluloid Angels will guarantee bringing these various restoration projects to fruition.

What is a great cause?

It means our XXth century audiovisual archives on filmstrips that we are on the verge of losing because of severe physical and chemical degradation. Your support of these great causes will mean preserving these exceptional collections whilst bestowing untold value to them.

In the near future, Celluloid Angels will be offering the highly devoted contributors among you, the possibility of selecting projects to be offered on the platform itself.

Who can contribute?

Any natural or legal person with a user account (giving name, surname and e-mail) and owning a bank account.

How do we collect the funds?


For each project there will be a certain period for collecting the funds with a set target amount.


The contributor will choose the amount he or she wants to contribute, either by making a charitable donation or by selecting a pack giving rise to rewards.


The money will then be debited from the contributor’s account and held at the third party “sequestered” account of MangoPay financial services.


At the end of this funding period, if the target amount is achieved, restoration work will start and the contributor can follow the progress of the project’s digital rebirth on the relevant project page.


At the end of this restoration work, the contributor will then receive his or her matching rewards.


If the set amount is not achieved and the initiator of the project wishes to put an end to it there and then, the contributor will be notified of this and MangoPay will then proceed to reimburse all contributed funds.


Are the payments secure?

Yes, since you will be entering your bank details directly on the website of MangoPay, which uses secure payment protocols such as: “verifed by Visa”, “Mastercard SecureCode”, “TLS protocol”.


What are the authorised means of payment?

As of now, you can pay with a Carte Bleue, a Visa Card, or a Mastercard Card.

What about my personal data?

By creating an account, you will have your personal space from which you can manage your profile and personal data. These will only be used to communicate with you and to enable us to send the rewards.


We have equally contracted third party service providers, concerning the management of our database as well as for technical assistance or other. Your Personal Data may be disclosed and transferred to these and other service providers whenever we deem it necessary to do so in light of the services provided to us. Your Personal Data will otherwise not be shared.


Your bank details will be hosted by MangoPay, a trusted financial service, and will not be communicated to Celluloid Angels.

Can I print a receipt?

Your account with Celluloid Angels will enable you to track all the performed operations and to obtain the due receipts.

How am I informed of the status of the projects?

Each time a project changes status (campaigning for funding, restoration ongoing, or abandoned) you will automatically get notified. You can also track how things are progressing by logging on to your account.

When will I receive my rewards?

It all depends on the rewards. Some are sent at the end of restoration work (for example, DVDs, Blu-rays, or invitations to screenings), but others may be awarded whilst restoration is still ongoing, such as visits to the lab, meeting with professionals involved, or attending private events.

Can I have more than one reward?

Each pack is independent of the other and you can choose as many as you wish for a one project. You can even contribute to several projects at once. On the other hand, you cannot "switch" packs, even if paying for the difference.

What will we be using the collected funds for, other than the indicated objective?

Surplus funds will help Celluloid Angels append more value to the projects (Collector’s box sets, 35mm screenings, bonus restoration as needed) as well as recovering some of the costs for promoting and overseeing the projects through.

How do I offer a pack?

You only need to click on the “gift” icon of the pack you want and enter the delivery information as asked. You also be able to tag a special message of your own with the delivery.


The beneficiary will receive an e-mail from Celluloid Angels inviting him or her to create an account on the platform. Once this is done, the pack will immediately be credited on his or her account, with a confirmation sent to you.


The reward linked to this pack will then be delivered to the address that you have indicated.


If this particular project does not achieve its target amount, you will be fully reimbursed.

What do I do if I don’t receive my reward or rewards?

After viewing your account to make sure that your reward or rewards have indeed been dispatched, you can contact us at the following address:

We undertake to respond to your enquiry within 48 hours to try and resolve any problem.

I have not found the answer I want in the FAQs.

Then contact us at  and we will reply as soon as possible

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files generated by the website and retaining certain information to help us analyse how you navigate through the pages on the website. They are secure and cannot run codes, nor can they be used to break into your computer.


There are two types of cookies used differently:

Temporary cookies withhold information during any one session navigating the pages. These cookies are automatically cleared as soon as you close your session. Not a single one will get stored on your computer once your session is over. Temporary cookies created by Celluloid Angels contain data used by the server managing your session and session ID.

Persistent cookies help remember your information and preferences between visits. This data enables the website to recognise who is the returning or new user and adjusts accordingly. The persistent cookies created by the website of Celluloid Angels are also used by our technology partners, Google (to analyse our website traffic of returning or new users to offer a more enjoyable navigation experience) and MangoPay (to aid your banking transactions and make them secure).


For more information on cookies that we use, please refer to our confidentiality charter.

When I post a comment, who can see it?

Only the contributors who are participating in the project and the professionals involved. Occasionally, we may choose to give prominence to some of the posted comments on our website, those that we feel are pertinent or touch on a crucial theme. In these cases, these comments will be visible by all visitors on the website viewing the News tab.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Only if the initiator of the project should meet the legal criteria allowing for tax deductions. If that be the case, we will point it out in the relevant project description.