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11 Oct 2016


After an incredible weekend, fans of MISTER GANGSTER delivered a tour de force performance to gather the needed funds 6 days before the end of the campaign!  BRAVO!

So here we are. Mission accomplished. Georges Lautner’s LES TONTONS FLINGUEURS will be the first 4K restored film thanks to its fans on CELLULOID ANGELS!

A rallying surge from the fans, media, a village, a town joining in…all with a burning desire to pay homage to a cult film, got this first project on its way.  

A massive thank you for this incredible moment!

Thanks to this alliance of will, the restoration of the film is about to begin, to our immense joy…but it is not over yet…

This is not the end of the campaign, as we must gather enough fans in SAINT-PRIX and MONTAUBAN for the screenings. We are not that far off, making us almightily confident that we’ll do it…within touching distance we are!

We have 6 days left but in 6 days we can indeed surpass ourselves.

A niggling thought: What if our rallying effort not only gets us the restoration of the film but also its national re-release by GAUMONT in cinemas across France?

It would be a phenomenal first!   

All of us at CELLULOID ANGELS believe it can be done…and guess what? We so wish for it to happen!

To be followed…very soon….