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08 Jun 2016


We all have our 'madeleines de Proust', things which trigger off old memories, and among these films which have made a deep impression on us.

With our featured projects on CELLULOID ANGELS, we are hoping that you would wish to join those of us eager to save the films that are part of our heritage. You will be taking part in the adventure from the inside and sharing in some unique moments.

You will not only be able to live this group experience, this sharing of the same passion for a film, but you will also be able to share the experience with someone close to you! No more headaches of browsing through the list of gifts, because CELLULOID ANGELS will soon make it possible for you to directly offer this adventure to your dear ones! All it will take is a click and the name and address of the person to whom you are offering the gift and bingo!

Some of the rewards linked to the donations, may not be accessible to some of you. Our wish at CELLULOID ANGELS is that one day everybody should be able to enjoy all the rewards. How? With the consent of the initiators of the project and by simply organising lottery draws among the website's registered users.

It’s a deal then, we’ll ponder things throughout Summer and put up the new features soon as we resume after the holidays in Autumn!