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An historic emergency

The filmstrip has lived through more than a century, helping us memorise a significant part of our culture. Films for the cinema, of course, but other forms of expression have also been recorded on the filmstrip.

Today, this heritage is in danger and the threat is a two-headed monster.

First, the preservation of our treasures implies costly policies to be taken in terms of storage, analysis, repairs, inventory and reconstitution of the complete chains of rights.

Second, the relentless improvements of visualisation tools (High Definition, soon Ultra HD) means digital restoration is inevitable, by way of modern image and sound recording techniques, to return them to their original condition. The eyes and ears of the watching audience are now expecting productions of the highest quality, as technology makes its inexorable bounce to the future. This fast-paced technology-driven race comes with soaring costs.

Gathering the funds for the work that is upon us is the prerequisite, without which these films will vanish forever from our screens.

Gather in the supporters and let’s save all our films

To check the monster and bring a collective solution to this catastrophe facing our human journey, the CELLULOID ANGELS project literally rose from the filmstrip ashes.

As professionals of the Cinema and Audiovisual, together we have decided to create this crowdfunding platform to unite the greatest number of supporters and, project by project, launch the restoration adventure.

CELLULOID ANGELS is founded on the idea of sharing, “donation for donation”. Ask for donations and give back even more in return: see behind the scenes, meet with professionals involved and get on board our adventure. In short, create a crowdfunding platform which everyone is truly part of. CELLULOID ANGELS will help bring in the supplementary funding for the restoration of our heritage treasures.

The CELLULOID ANGELS platform will be going international so that devotees worldwide can join in with us. On the agenda, to save films from all cultures and also to collaborate on other international projects.

We believe it is possible to overcome this challenge as we all band together. It is a mammoth task but a thrilling one. So let the journey commence!

The team

The founding group of Celluloid Angels

Fredéric Bechon

Sébastien Arlaud


“Keep offering exciting projects and bring the platform to the world."

Sébastien Arlaud

Fredéric Bechon

Project Manager

“Throwing the doors to the restoration lab wide open and meeting the professionals at work.”

Valérie Baheux

Valérie Baheux

Social Media & Community

“For the community of fans to come together through shared experiences ever so memorable."

Olivier Bohler

Olivier Bohler

Cinema Managing Editor

“Ignite the desire to share in a unique adventure through the world of heritage films.”

Restoring these films is a major cultural concern without frontiers. This founding group is looking to branch out into Europe and further beyond, for the threat is everywhere. By creating CELLULOID ANGELS, Éclair, the oldest film lab in the world, has lit the initial spark. Now, it is our project, all of us.

Jean Mizrahi ­- President of Eclair

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All the partners of CELLULOID ANGELS share in our conviction that we need to act collectively to save these films. CELLULOID ANGELS is supported by the RIAM.